Построить Дом

Построить Дом в Ванкувере. Недвижимость в Ванкувере

Для тех кто решил для своей семьи построить дом, а не купить дом в Ванкувере уже готовый или организовать строительный бизнес под эгидой моей строительной компании, добро пожаловать на эту страничку. Являясь лицензированным строителем Ванкувера на протяжении многих лет, дома построенные моей строительной компанией завоевывали всегда только самые престижные награды по оценке качества и дизайна.

Моя строительная компания специализируется по следующим позициям:

  • Дома Построенные На Деньги Застройщика
  • Совместные Предприятия По Строительству
  • Управление Стройкой Клиента Под Ключ

Все клиенты и покупатели наших построенных объектов гордятся своими домами, так как в течении продолжительного времени журналисты из местных каналов телевидения, экскурсии из других городов и другие застройщики приезжают посмотреть на архитектуру наших построенных элитных домов.

Для получения права строить дома в Ванкувере и его окрестностях, необходимо иметь Генеральную Лицензию Строителя. Получить лицензию имеет возможность только компания имеющая многолетний опыт строительства недвижимости в Большом Ванкувере и пользующеяся незапятнанной репутацией.

Гарантию качества построенных нашей компанией объектов обеспечивает участие известных архитекторов Ванкувера, инженеров,  дизайнеров и надежных строительных бригад имеющих солидный опыт работы с элитными домами Ванкувера.

На все дома построенные нашей компанией Вы получаете гарантийную государственную страховку строителя, Home Warranty Insurance,  на период действия 2-5-10 лет. Страховка покрывает следующее:

  • A 1-year warranty against defects in materials and labor.
  • A 2-year warranty against defects in the major systems in your home such as delivery and distribution systems for gas, electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; exterior cladding, caulking, windows, and doors that cause damage to your new home Building Code. Coverage for non-compliance with the Building Code
  • A 5-year warranty for any building envelope defects, including water penetration that causes material damage to the building.
  • A 10-year for major structural defects in your new home, including defects for material and labour that result in a failure of the load-bearing structure. Your warranty also covers structural damage that makes your home unfit to live in.

Company provides outstanding comfort and quality in your new home for less money for a long period of time.
We would point out that our construction company priority is to assist and advise clients who are interested in building new homes in West Vancouver, North Shore. Our goal is to provide stylish quality homes built to exacting standards with quality features appreciated by discerning purchasers. This will be achieved through professionalism, thorough attention to detail, and a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

We firmly believe that purchasers want to buy a home that is special. That is why the location and sitting is of equal importance. We take great care to select desirable locations and we design our properties sympathetically to harmonize with the land its surroundings.

Our construction group makes it our business to do our best, to make sure that your property purchasing experience in West Vancouver will be both enjoyable and hassle free. We will help you through each phase of the construction process - from the minute you walk through the door at our office...to the minute you walk through the door of your new home. That is why we offer our customers the full package of our service:

  • Architectural design
  • Interior design
  • Budget development
  • Project management
  • Property survey
  • Complete construction service

Our team is committed to provide the utmost care and level of service every hour we are engaged in a project, whether it’s construction of a private home or holiday home. Skilled to undertake effectively the wide range of tasks involved in building projects we keep a client’s needs uppermost in our thinking at all times. From start to finish we listen to our clients, discuss objectives, plan carefully, manage thoughtfully and deliver dreams to your family.

Memberships and Achievements

1. Member of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association 

2. Building license with the Home Owner Protection office (BC Housing)     


Design Build is a process in which we begin working with our clients before the project has been designed.

The advantage of this type of relationship is that all parties, owner, builder and architect, work together from the project's conception to completion.

Design-Build projects have several advantages:

1. The project is based on a figurative but detailed budget that helps control construction costs during the design phase.

2. The agreement is put forth in two phases, design then construction. We believe our clients should not commit to construction costs until the final design is approved and working drawings are available.

3. There is more time for all parties to familiarize themselves with each other before construction starts.

4. There is more accountability by all parties because each person was involved from the beginning.

For further information on the procedures of a Design-Build Project, please contact our office at your convenience.


Our construction company believes in sound project management.

We are General Contractors and therefore are hired by our clients for our construction experience but as well to organize, manage and execute a project.

We will not proceed with any project until we are satisfied that our customer's are clear on the process and procedures involved.

We spend a plenty of time in the pre-construction phase with our clients and our staff to prepare, tender and understand the project in detail. Being organized is what our company is about.

The following are a few examples of our management style:

1. We provide regular project reports to advise our clients as to the work performed, the work to follow and any items or decisions that are required by the owner.

2. We provide a detailed schedule and advise clients if the schedule changes.

3. We always provide open and detailed estimates including all costs, overhead, profit and taxes.


The overview below gives you an idea what to expect as you embark on the adventure of building your very own custom home.


The company cares for its workers and takes Construction Safety very seriously.

We follow all Workers Compensation Boards (WCB) requirements and exceed them in other areas.

We ensure our clients confidence in site safety by providing the following:

1.   All projects are registered with WCB before the start of Construction

2.   First aid stations including approved first aid kits eye wash, blankets, fire extinguishers

3.   A comprehensive safety program (Copy is left on site)

4.   All trades are required to provide us with a WCB Clearance letter which confirms they are WCB registered and in good standing

5.   All trades must sign a safety letter agreeing to follow our site safety rules

6.   All our Employees are level 1 certified

7.   We have a Safety Coordinator to ensure the site conditions are safe

8.   Fall protection, hard hats, steel toed boots, eye and hand protection are required by all workers

9.   Safety fencing and signage is installed on all our sites

10. Regular safety meetings are held on site

11. Safety railings as required are always provided


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